Signs, Signs, and more Signs

I was reading a message and the writer was confident that a breakthrough is imminent.
The Event is coming soon! So many events before the The Event are also lining up.
Because the signs are everywhere it’s undeniable;
Like when there’s smoke, there must be fire.

Signs, signs, everywhere signs, even if you ignore them.
Ignore them and the result/event they precede still happens.
So, observe and watch, see what’s happening. Find the message.
Sometimes it is meant specifically for you.

As for this post, the song came in first, then another sign, and another.
Clear synchronicity. This is the result. If you mistook what the signs really meant,
Try to find it again. You’ll eventually ‘get it’.
Mercury is in retrograde motion until the end of this month. It’s normal.
The abnormality that is, which is becoming the new normal. The signs say so.

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